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This utility is a basic loader which gives you a chance to deal with numerous recoveries. Right now the in diversion controls consider 1 running spare structure. This utility will enable you to make different. It plays out the greater part of the moving and replicating of different spare catalogs for you. This is a work in advance, and any input, proposals, or highlight demands are welcome.


I assume no liability for inadvertant erasure of your spare information. On the off chance that you have a spare you are very put resources into, I recommend you back it up before endeavoring to utilize this utility. To do as such, peruse to:


Here you will discover an index that begins with “st_”. Duplicate this catalog to a sheltered area. In the occasion you lose your information, reestablish that index to this way and all will be well.


1. This utility dispatches NMS for you, and I accept the Steam ID is widespread for this. If not, I should devise an approach to either enable the client to alter the dispatch URI or get the right Steam ID amid the main dispatch.

2. This was made for use on my Windows 10 machine. I may need to give an approach to enable the client to adjust the amusement information catalog in the event that it contrasts for prior Windows discharges.

3. Give the client the capacity to reinforcement a solitary spare, or all recoveries, to a sheltered area.

4. Give the client the capacity to reestablish said reinforcement.


When you initially run this utility it will identify in the event that you have as of now spared information, and enable you to make another spare with this information. I stronly encourage you to do this, as making and propelling another spare without doing this will for all time erase any current information. On the off chance that you choose no here, when you make another spare, you will have one greater chance to rescue the present information before it is for all time erased.

Make New Game – this catch will make another spare. Entirely direct.

Load Selected Game – this catch will move the chose spare’s diversion information into the base of the amusement information catalog, and after that dispatch the diversion.

Document – > Import Game – this will enable you to import a spare structure from another area.

I trust this utility will help reduce a portion of the worry of multi client family units who would prefer not to share 1 spare. Again if there are any proposals, criticism, or highlight demands, don’t delay to tell me and I will perceive what should be possible.

Creator: Stevo6342

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๐Ÿ“ Download Mirror 1 ๐Ÿ“ Download Mirror 2 ๐Ÿ“ EXTERNAL MIRROR

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