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Name: Unity Pro
Version: 5.4.3f1
Released: November 17th, 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS model: OS X 10.Eight or increased
Processor kind(s) & pace: 64-bit processor
Includes: Pre-Okay’ed
Courtesy of TNT Team
Web Site:
• Install Unity 5.4.3f1.pkg first, then any “Build Support”
• Log-in to your Unity Account AT YOUR OWN RISK! (dangers like being banned)
DON’T replace the platform or you’ll lose the Okay’ed


Unity delivers a steady and scalable platform for creating charming content material. Content that’s environment friendly to create, and that works on low in addition to high-end {hardware}.
• Unity is the one Mac-based high-end recreation growth device sporting a classy pro-app GUI, no-friction workflow and top-of-the-line technical options equivalent to extensible graphics, nice particle results, extremely optimized scripting, the Ageia physX Engine, skinned character animation and ragdolls, and making standalone video games for Mac and Windows (and Dashboard Widgets and web-plugins).
• Unity is a 3D recreation editor which occurs to comprise some of the superior recreation engines on the market. Packed with energy it’s constructed to satisfy the calls for of next-generation recreation builders.
• Create dazzling, totally different, charming video games with state-of-the-art know-how such because the Ageia physX Physics Engine, essentially the most trendy graphical results, and extremely optimized JavaScript.
• Automatic asset importing, prefabs, and extremely quick edit-play-modify turnaround when you assemble and take a look at your recreation helps preserve the artistic circulate. Asset manufacturing was by no means this quick earlier than. The editor ties collectively all of the highly effective options of the engine in an intuitive approach.

What’s New in Version 5.4.3f1:

・IL2CPP: Android – improved constructing efficiency.
・iOS: Exposed EditorUserBuildSettings.iOSBuildConfigType in public API.
・IOS: Exposed ReplayKit streaming APIs to person scripts.
・Unity IAP: Support transaction receipt logging for all retailer platforms.
・Profiler: User profile markers in scripts now present in platform profilers even when the Unity profiler shouldn’t be working.
・VR: Update Oculus to model 1.9.
・Also consists of related fixes from Unity 5.3.7.
・2D: Fixed a difficulty with UV rounding errors when utilizing the OverrideGeometry technique on sprites. (823935)
・Analytics: Fixed an invalid userId problem on WebGL.
・Android: Added “Mute Other Audio Sources” choice to Android participant settings in editor.
・Android: By default decrease quantity of the background audio as an alternative of muting it. (807983)
・Android: Fixed a case of audio stutter when launching Android participant from a notification on the lockscreen. (818174)
・Android: Return inside non permanent cache and protracted knowledge paths when exterior paths are unavailable. (826201)
・Animation: Fixed a bug the place deactivating a GameObject with an connected Animator would possibly trigger a crash. (822232)
・Animation: Fixed a crash when receiving null property modification in animation recording. (832837)
・Animation: Fixed a difficulty the place Legacy animations couldn’t be previewed. (845815)
・Animation: Fixed misguided “Playable was not Disposed” message being displayed. (826047)
・Animation: Re-enabling playback/recording in play mode. (835544)
・Asset Bundles: Fixed the assetBundle property of AssetBundleCreateRequest in order that it waits as an alternative of returning null when the bundle shouldn’t be but prepared (824009)
・Asset Bundles: Fixed a impasse when decompressing LZMA bundle when stream had incompressible knowledge. (844785, 841067)
・Asset Pipeline: Fixed a regression the place AssetDatabase.SaveAssets received’t save modifications made to a prefab inside OnPostprocessAllAssets. (830110)
・Audio: Fixed a panning problem with spatialized sounds.
・Build participant: Reverted the change, which saved relative paths for construct goal however launched points for targets that wanted to browse for folders as an alternative of recordsdata (WebGL, and so forth). (829898)
・CacheServer: Fixed creation of directories and a difficulty whereas sending file and socket was closed. (774264, 820297)
・Collab: Fixed crashes with collab toolbar. (819150, 808412)
・Editor: Fixed a difficulty with addition of duplicate references of auxiliary platform-specific editor DLLs to editor C# venture. (832097)
・Editor: Fixed drag’n’drop of shader onto a fabric not setting the proper shader key phrases. (819900)
・Editor: Fixed errors when capturing display or sending photos to distant. (793204)
・Editor: Fixed icon high quality regression brought on by pointless picture scaling step. (807375)
・Editor: TargetInvocationException error now not seems when importing Windows Store Apps plugins. (815720)
・Editor: Fixed Codesigning for Mac Editor to forestall firewall from asking a number of instances for permission. (819351)
・Graphics: Fixed a crash in CommandBuffer.DrawRenderer of a particle renderer when present digicam is null. (808298)
・Graphics: Fixed GPU instancing not working with procedurally generated meshes. (828380)
・Graphics: Fixed a reminiscence leak when utilizing the GI visualizers within the scene view.
・Graphics: Fixed incorrect batching of Renderers with totally different MaterialsPropertyBlocks. (833783)
・Graphics: Fixed a possible crash when calling GetShaderSettingsForPlatform on Windows. (833425)
・Graphics: Prevent scene modifications from inside OnPreRender callbacks, just like different callbacks. (829694)
・Graphics: Texture2D.ReadPixels now not reads from the unsuitable location on iOS/Metal when studying a subsection of a picture. (826244)
・Graphics: Fix for darkish lightmap when altering solar shadow power in blended lighting mode. (819092)
・Graphics: Fixed editor crash when opening outdated venture that had legacy OpenGL2 chosen. (819813, 829178)
・Graphics: Fixed an occasional PathRenderer crash when utilizing Clear script API. (829326, 818524)
・IL2CPP: A name to GetCurrentMethod in a generic technique ought to return the generic technique definition, not the inflated generic occasion technique. (840596)
・IL2CPP: Correctly marshal an out array of buildings which makes use of the LPStruct marshaling directive. (842538)
・IL2CPP: Fixed generated C++ code not compiling when calling Math.Abs on an unsigned integer. (837974)
・IL2CPP: Return an empty array from GetGenericArguments when it’s known as on a MethodInfo object from a non-generic technique. Previously the runtime incorrectly threw an assert on this case. (838259)
・iOS: Build and Run now doesn’t clear Xcode venture for Append builds. (839037)
・iOS: Fix a race situation when altering decision on startup on Metal. (820885)
・iOS: Fix bug in retrieving of sure values of IScore bigger than 32 bits. (820938)
・iOS: Improved efficiency by resizing the fixed buffer pool adaptively on Metal. (820692)
・iOS: Fixed an enter reset in editor when iOS gadget with out Unity Remote is chosen. (832368)
・iOS: Fixed points with iOS Input.contactPressureSupported incorrectly reporting false. (834172)
・iOS: Fixed a crash when utilizing Build and Run for iOS tasks. (836165)
・iOS: Fixed editor hanging if app was already working in Xcode 7.x when utilizing Build and Run. (843181)
・iOS: GameCenterPlatform.ShowLeaderboardUI now reveals the particular leaderboard when requested (notice, the signs are nonetheless observable on iOS 8.four and 9.x as a consequence of a bug within the OS itself). (808537)
・iOS: ILeaderboard.LoadScores now does callback if SetUsersFilter is named. (801369)
・Kernel: Fixed native scale of duplicate recreation object not matching authentic native scale of recreation object if father or mother has rotation set. (815816)
・Multiplayer: Fixed a crash with StartAsClient. (827122, 804744)
・Multiplayer: Fixed points regarding disconnect and error dealing with. (790431, 785347, 771860, 836170, 827884)
・Multiplayer: Fixed weaver error dealing with of not supported varieties. (761588, 820982, 773323)
・Multiplayer: Fixed weaver technology of Serialize and Deserialize features. (756572, 737241, 775248)
・Particles: Don’t permit prewarm on non-looping techniques. (825180)
・Particles: Fixed a crash when utilizing uninitialised curves. (833513)
・Particles: Fixed a difficulty when rendering throughout OnPreRender utilizing RenderWithShader. (837680)
・Particles: Prevent restarting particle system when father or mother rework strikes within the editor. (819881)
・Physics: Fixed interpolation of inflexible our bodies that was shedding accuracy over time. That could have led to interpolated our bodies shifting in a jittery approach after hours of gameplay. (843507)
・Physics: Ensure that BoxCollider2D.Cast accurately detects a multi-edge EdgeCollider2D. (833737)
・Physics: Ensure that BoxCollider2D/PolygonCollider2D with giant vertex however small space is created accurately. (820300)
・Scripting: Fixed a crash on Invoke(null, …). (766144)
・Scripting: Fixed TransformDirection and InverseTransformDirection operations being affected by scale. (819962)
・Scripting: Prevent GetHostEntry from throwing a SocketException on Windows when the machine shouldn’t be linked to any community. (840534)
・Shaders: Added shader macros to help LOD + sampler variations for cubemaps and texture arrays. (832292)
・Shaders: Fixes to tessellation shader compilation on OpenGL and OpenGL ES. (828454)
・Shaders: Fixed some instances of unsupported shader variants resulting in a crash. (830078, 819705)
・Shaders: Fixed some instances the place floor shader writing to o.Occlusion wouldn’t pattern the feel with appropriate UVs. (765145, 840314, 710625, 730779)
・Tizen: Added loading indicator in Tizen.
・tvOS: Added help for prime shelf vast picture. (833452)
・UI: Fixed a difficulty the place the Disabled Trigger animation was triggered on hovering over a Button when this was not Interactable. (826310)
・UI: Fixed a crash in RectTransform as a result of it might ship messages on the loading thread. (824011)
・UI: Fixed a crash when deleting GameObject with ScrollView part. (819770)
・UI: Improved efficiency of SetParent in deeply nested UI panels. (814484)
・VR: Fixed a crash when switching between VR mode and non-VR mode with picture results utilized. (829379)
・VR: Fixed problem with Oculus inflicting controller enter to fail for bumpers.
・VR: Fixed VRSettings.renderViewportScale when single-pass stereo rendering is enabled. (817835)
・VR: VRDevice.isPredespatched now works accurately when HMD is occluded from base stations in OpenVR. (818159)
・VR: Fixed a crash in sure situations when checking if gadget is on the market in OpenVR. (819998)
・WebRequest: DownloadHandlerAssetBundle will grow to be carried out as soon as obtain finishes. (834148)
・WebRequest: Fixed a crash when downloaded asset bundle had zero measurement. (834583)
・WebRequest: Fixed redirect to a relative URL. (833647)

Unity Pro 5.4 MAC

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR

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